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Buy all kinds of music instruments in chandigarh and tricity from one of the oldest music store and music academy in Chandigarh. we have all range of: GUITARS: acoustic Guitar, electric guitar, kaps, rocks, singing fish, wooden heart, yamaha, fishman, chords, givson, grason, signature, hertz, vault, deviser. spectrum, handmade guitars, guitar accessories, strings, tuners, guitar stands, belts, strapd, soft cases hard cases, strap locks, metronomes, guitar cables, jack to jack leads , xlrs wires, loose strings, guitar polish, string winders, guitar amplifiers, distortion pedals, zoom pedals, effect pedal, processor for electric guitars. HARMONIUM: Bginners harmonium 3 fold double belo indian harmoniun, 9 stop , 7 stop, folding harmonium, imported reeds, high quality wood, polished harmoniums, handmade harmoniums, scale changer harmonium FLUTE - Simple flute for beginners, straight flutes, sideway flutes, big flute of all scales E C D G Gg Ff Cc, big size flute made of wood, made of plactice, different colors in flutes available, punjabi algoze in different scales available. MICS: shure microphones, dynamic microphones, mics for home use, professional range of microphones, condensor mics, samson, beta, 5 core, all range of microphones, studio mics, mic stands, mic cables, sound cards, chordless mics, wireless mics, small mic stands, studio master, headphones, noise cancellation headphones, Congo, cango, bongo, dhol, drums, duff, dafli, daphli, khanjari, plastic skin daphli, imported, indian, djembe, darbuka, PIANO/SYNTHESISER: Casio, yamaha, rolland, samson, midi controllera, pianos, entry level casio for begginers, mini keyboards, yamaha psr 425 indian effects, tones, korg, Amplifiers: stranger, peavery, leney, marshal guitar amps, vocal amps, keyboard amps, pop filter, headphones Dholak, tabla, dhol wooden dhol, Drums, drum kit, drum set, imported drum, indian drum kit, along with retail business, D.I Guitar Gallery is dedicatedly endeavoring to provide best coaching classes to learn many music instruments. At D.I Guitar Gallery we give Guitar Lessons. Piano Lessons, Drums Lessons, Vocal Lessons. we have professional team to cater to your requirments. Our Director of the company Mr Nirdosh Sobti is very well known in music industry who is originally from chandigarh, now settled in Mumbai, is one of tge best Guitarists from India and has won many awards and reality shows Like Mtv Rock On (year 2009), Indias Got Talent (year 2012 firsr runners up Madhavas Rock Band) and has won many other state and national level competetions. our aim is to guide upcoming music lovers with best knowledge coming straight from professionals like Mr. Nirdosh Sobti who is currently associated with many Big named in Music Industry like Mtv Coke studio where he recently performed with music Director Ram Sampath and Bollywood play back singer Sona Mohapatra (coke studio season 2). Not only this, Nirdosh Sobti has travelled across the world for live performances and concerts. He personally visits his music academy once in a month to give lectures and lessons to students who have acheived certain level of playing and understanding of music. Nirdosh Sobti is aiming at taking this academy to such a big level from where he will make sure that Bright students persuing music on a serious note may get big opportunities in their music carrier. At the same time, being an entertainer himself, Nirdosh Sobti understands the pressure on people working in corporate and many other sectors in our country that he has made the learning process so simple and interesting that everyine can enjoy it. Along with step by step lessons , he has added some interesting stuff like playing bollywood songs on music instruments. singing along and much more!! At present we have 4 teachers in our academy who are dedicated in giving lessons as per the description and structure made by our Director/Owner Mr Nirdosh Sobti. Nirdosh Sobt is Son of a very multi talented personality and The Founder Of D.I Guitar Gallery "Lt Shri. Chetan Sobti" who was a great musician of his era and taught hunderds and thousands of students in tricity and punjab and these students are further doing so well in music industry. Having the dream of His Father in heary, Nirdosh Sobti is aiming at taking this Music Academy to International Level and has already started planning to Open many more Branches Soon!! Teachers at D.I Guitar Gallert 1. Mr Rajiv Handa - a musician cum singer with experience of more than 15 years as a live performer and Music Teacher in many big schools in the past, is the main guitar instructor in the academy on regulat basis. 2. Sagar Jha is all the way from mumbai who has been learning Guitar from none other than Nirdosh Himself and is the second Guitar Teacher in the academy. Depending upin the different batches and time availabilities, these two teachers are giving guitar lessons. 3. Mr Ripu Daman Sobti - A very senior musician and Real Brother of Nirdosh Sobti's Father Lt Shr Chetan Sobti, is the drums instructor in the academy. With so much of experience in the field of music, Mr Sobti inspire the upcoming music lovers to learn and play drums in his unique way. 4. Ms Aashi - She is the vocal instructor, a live performer, having her own rock band. Trained in Indian Classical and has done her Masters in music along with Mphil in vocals with planing to persui Phd as well in future. Ashi is a very friendly teacher who tecahes vocal/singing in the academy.

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Sleeping at 10:30 Pm and waking up at 4 Am is not so easy,  specially in winters.  But as they say -  Kuch Paane Ke Liye Kuch Khona Padta Hai. 
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Sleeping at 10:30 Pm and waking up at 4 Am is not so easy, specially in winters. But as they say - Kuch Paane Ke Liye Kuch Khona Padta Hai. #practice #hardwork #fun #keepitup #gallery #music #academy #chandigarh #early #Morning
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Trinity Pa 49 X keyboard with Indian Style
Trinity Pa 49 X keyboard with Indian Style INR 5500 INR 5000 a value for money purchase. This versatile keyboard has variety of effects, rhythm styles and many other important functions. Not only this, the keyboard also features special indian section which consist of indian tones and beats like bhangra dhol dandiya bhajan , exclusively available at D.I Guitar Gallery VipRoad Zirakpur and Sector42 chandigarh branches. Call: 9914512874 (vip road zirakpur) 0172-5069440 (chandigarh) Cheers D.I Guitar Gallery We Spread Music #chandigarh #VipRoad #zirakpur #branches #MusicStore #academy #learn #guitar #casio #drums True 1461043459
Kaps ST10 ACM Acoustic Guitar with PickUp
Kaps ST10 ACM Acoustic Guitar with PickUp INR 5500 INR 4500 Brand : Kaps Product Type : Acoustic Guitars Features : Professional Acoustic Guitar With Steel Strings And Pickup Color - Black True 1455177844
Acoustic Guitar String set HZA206-Sl
Acoustic Guitar String set HZA206-Sl INR 210 INR 200 Brand - Hertz Gauge - Super light .011 to .052 stainless steel steel core coated copper alloy wound for 6 string acoustic guitar. True 1455713256
Harmonium - Special Double Bellow
Harmonium - Special Double Bellow INR 6050 INR 5500 Features - 2 Bellow - 7 Stop - 39 keys - Pine wood Best for beginners, semi beginners. this model is light weight and in two different polish colors. True 1458113791
Harmonium - Basic
Harmonium - Basic INR 4900 INR 4900 - 7 Bellow - 5 Stop - 39 keys - Basic board material (ply) Suitable for beginners, entry level harmonoum. very economical to begin with. Brand new. True 1458114358
Punjabi Dhol Mini
Punjabi Dhol Mini INR 3000 INR 2500 material - wooden body, plastic skin, and nut and bolt assrmbly for tuning. True 1455170812
cango 3 peace
cango 3 peace INR 4000 INR 3500 wood - fiber stands - iron skins - plastic tuners -nut and bolt assembly True 1455171368
Sarangi - Indian Instrument
Sarangi - Indian Instrument INR 6800 INR 6250 Indian classical instrument sarangi, a handmade instrument made by excellent skilled-men all the way from Lucknow. True 1455175784
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